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Telegram: The (possibly) secure WhatsApp alternative

Telegram_MessengerTelegram is another in a string of competitors hoping to unseat the reigning champion of mobile instant messaging, WhatsApp. Promising unprecedented security and protection from prying eyes, it also claims to be speedier than its rivals and assures users it will remain completely free and devoid of ads, forever. But with WhatsApp promising to add voice functionality in coming months, can Telegram realistically compete with the current darling of the tech world?

Rosenthal slices at life

Dan Rosenthal LogoJohannesburg-based artist and photographer Dan Rosenthal is holding his second solo exhibition at the Cow Artworks Gallery in Parkhurst (4th Avenue, between 11th and 12th Streets) this week.

Entitled Slices of Life, Rosenthal’s new show brings together a broad selection of his photographic work from the last two years. Architecture and interiors dominate, sharing space with occasional landscapes and, in one instance, a Douglas DC-3.