Craig Wilson | Podcasts
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Craig co-hostsĀ Stuff magazine’s podcast ‘Stuffed‘ with Toby Shapshak. He’s also been a guest on a variety of other people’s podcasts, including That Tech Show, and the ZA Tech Show.


During his time as the deputy editor of TechCentral, Craig also co-hosted (recorded and edited) more than 50 episodes of the weekly TalkCentral podcast.


He’s interviewed a wide range of personalities, from business leaders like BMW Designworks head Holger Hampf and HMD’s Patrick Henchie, to authors like Neil Gaiman and Cory Doctorow, and in one instance even an astronaut (Charles Bolden).

Neil Gaiman interview during the filming of Good Omens in Cape Town

Interview with BMW Designworks head Holger Hampf at the LA Motor Show