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Being guided by girls

GirlGuides-headerA couple of weeks back I was asked to write a column for a local tech site aimed at ladies called GirlGuides. My brief was to write something with a gender angle relating to tech. I opted to talk about the different relationships women and men tend to have with their gadgets. At the risk of getting digitally lynched, I argued that men tend to fixate on specifications, while women (far more sensibly) tend to be most interested in what a particular device can actually do for them.

Pity LG’s Nexus 5 will kill its flagship G2

As Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and every other big company can attest, the best design features are the one’s everyone else copies. LG’s G2 has such a feature: double-tapping the display to wake it. That may sound innocuous, but consider how much smaller a power/lock button is than your average smartphone display. An action you perform incessantly, made easier and more intuitive.

Rosenthal slices at life

Dan Rosenthal LogoJohannesburg-based artist and photographer Dan Rosenthal is holding his second solo exhibition at the Cow Artworks Gallery in Parkhurst (4th Avenue, between 11th and 12th Streets) this week.

Entitled Slices of Life, Rosenthal’s new show brings together a broad selection of his photographic work from the last two years. Architecture and interiors dominate, sharing space with occasional landscapes and, in one instance, a Douglas DC-3.