Craig Wilson | Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – an unused Noonday Tune
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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – an unused Noonday Tune

Noonday Tune logoEvery second Friday I contribute to a music Tumblr called Noonday Tune which, as the name suggests, posts a song every day at noon. Once in a while Noonday puts out a call for submissions, both to showcase new acts and to give the regular contributors a break, like over the December holidays. One such submission almost tripped me up.

Last Friday I planned to post “Crane Your Neck” by Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper. I found the track, wrote the text and was uploading the cover art when I was struck by how familiar it looked. I’d already searched Noonday Tune for “lady lamb”, but it had returned nothing. A search of the the full name revealed that, not only had the track been posted before, but it was posted by a friend of mine (who I’d asked to contribute!) last December.

Rather than waste the text entirely, I figured I’d post it here. — CW

Crane Your Neck – Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

So many of my recent contributions here have been tracks recommended by friends that I was beginning to feel guilty, until I realised that’s still how most of the best things spread.

With more music available on demand that ever before — and recommendation services springing up all the time — I find it strangely comforting that word of mouth still trumps algorithms or play counts when it comes to finding new art over which to obsess.

My latest peer-inspired obsession is Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: the stage name of twenty-something, Aly Spaltro, who’s originally from Portland, Maine but now a resident of Brooklyn, New York.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

Image by Shervin Lainez

Spaltro packs a powerful voice and a compelling origin story (having honed her craft after hours by pulling all-nighters in a video store after her 3pm-11pm shifts working in it).

She’s also a great reminder that the new acts who appear to burst onto the scene fully formed (inspiring countless starry-eyed folk to believe they, too, could spontaneously enjoy musical success if only they took their shower-perfected numbers to the stage) almost always have a long history of late nights, blood, sweat and tears behind them. You know, preparation meeting opportunity.

Spaltro sounds pretty darn prepared. And pretty darn starving.

Cause if you’re dreaming about dying
then you’re not really living, darling.
You’ve got to be starving,
you’ve got to be starving for it.
And if you’re crying by the moon,
in the sun you better lift up that chin.

Listen to “Crane Your Neck” here.

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